Create Meaning before Matter
Learn to come to good designed consumergoods with purpose.
I like to welcome you to the World of Blends
FROM TRENDS TO BLENDS. Its time to be disruptive!
Ellen Haeser

My name is Ellen Haeser, expert in defining “Zeitgeist” and founder of “Be a Blender”. The way to come to real change with purpose. Today’s business needs creativity and intuition to be the fuel. Studio Haeser is the station to get it from!

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To connect creative and lineair thinking

I am a creative blender with a mission.
Already for a long time I see too much offering of scarcity and
mediocre things and too little awareness of the real value of products.

Let me help you to create awareness for the impact of beauty and
well-designed products. I truly believe that beautiful things can
make people happy, enrich the soul, add real value and purpose.
That’s what more and more people are looking for!



  • Consultancy
    Investigate, explore and creation of
    plan made-to measure ideas and solutions.
  • The “BE A BLENDER” Workshop in which we:
    – Present what “The Zeitgeist” is telling us.
    – Explain by showing examples how to become open-minded.
    – Offer perfect BLENDER recepies.
  • Print design
    Key in my print design is story-telling.
    I curate the unexpected; blending art, craft, nature and heritage
    with modern techniques. The results are eclectic, colorful and decorative
I truly believe that my view and methods can transform your
way of looking at things.