“It’s not a fashion show its GENERATIONS!” This is what Gabbana expressed to Vogue journalist Sarah Mower on Sunday 26th Feb*, just an hour before the experiment hit the runway. “We call this the NEW RENAISSANCE”. Just like Gabanna I also do believe in blending generations!

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Already from end nineties I have shared my ideas and predictions about the babyboomers. I produced articles for David Shaw (Viewpoint), Li Edelkoort (View on Colour) and integrated my intuitive view and ideas in my trend forecasting presentations. About their importance in number, their way of life, their needs and interests and their potential to be a financially interesting market. Although we do see 94 year old role model Iris Apfel appearing in the Citroen DS campaign (just watch the 30 seconds video of the commercial below) and Donnan Karan already published the first add with 2 generations in 1997, not much has been visibly has been picked up in the businesses. I wonder why.

In my recent presentation “Be A Blender”, I blend the BABYBOOMERS with the MILLENNIALS.
The babyboomers, eager, energetic and curious for new times yet with knowledge and experiences.
The millennials born and raised with internet yet puzzled to find their own way and make choices…….
I actually do see a potential by blending these to come to new insights regarding the issue consumer goods, value and purpose.
So very much worth to try this with my recipes but not after watching this 4 minute video about the perception of millenials towards the boomers and how this changes after a short meet up! Just check out the video!

So we’re all convinced the babyboomers to be a valid and vivid part of society with specific needs as we also do see the same with the millenials.
Time to learn by doing and learn from each other!

Watch the succes of the Dutch TV programm “OP VOLLE TOEREN”. An idea of Ali Bouali, stage name Ali B, a Dutch rapper of Moroccan descent. He is one of the most well known rappers in the Netherlands and very popular.The concept is to come to a collaboration of a (millenial) rapper and succesvol (babyboomer) singer and co-create a new version of each others song. They meet and start the “road” to come to the new product and face the unexpected. With the help of the blender (Ali B), the 2 worlds listen and learn from each other and get inspired to implement this into their own new product. Which, when performed for each other, creates a bond for life and a path for more.

Blend intuition, creativity and knowledge from different worlds and come to a result.
See it as an EXPERIMENT without too much risk timewise neither money wise.
Stop the thinking……only by doing results will come out and show.

Before I finish this blog I want to come back to my mission which is to create awareness for the impact of beauty; to wear and to be around with. To create your own style and feel better and get strength. And this brings me to which I started with; the show of Dolce & Gabbana.
They pulled off what must rank as fashion’s biggest audience–participation coup ever: a show involving over 140 people of many shapes, ethnicities, and ages—each of them dressed to the nines in clothes they had picked out and accessorized themselves over days and nights of fittings. “The character of people is the important thing to us,” declared Stefano Gabbana. “We’ve had an attraction to this from the very beginning—our first show in the mid-1980s was on real people. The message is: You need to accept yourself as you are. That’s it!”.

This is just one example and a brief in-view into my method; more examples will follow in coming blogs which I will post on a weekly basis and are to be find at my website I am ready to empower you, your team and company so feel free to contact me with questions and remarks or a personal introduction of Be A Blender:

Ellen Haeser is a creative blender and expert in trend forecasting with a mission to create awareness for the impact of beauty and well designed products with long lasting value and purpose. Her method “Be A Blender” teaches the way to come to change regarding today’s consumer goods using intuition and design thinking.

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